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Welcome to Beautiful Beginnings Doula Services!!! 

Congratulations on your pregnancy, and your upcoming labor and delivery!!!  I hope this helps you find any resources you need, to help you have the best pregnancy and birth possible.  Feel free to look around, and contact me if you have any questions.  Good luck to you!!

Let me introduce myself!!  My name is Amber Terhune.  I am the mother to two beautiful little girls, Sierra and Kai'Lani.  Both of my girls were delivered in a hospital.  A CNM helped me with my first delivery, and since my second daughter was nine week premature, an OB/GYN had to deliver her.  Besides the prematurity of my second, both deliveries were pretty smooth. 

My first labor lasted approximately 6 hours.  My midwife and L&D nurse, were almost like doulas to me.  They remained with me, helped support me, as well as my husband.  They were very supportive over my wishes, and help me have a labor and delivery that I could only dream of having.

When I went into labor with my second daughter, I was nine weeks early.   We had the same L&D nurse, which was great.  Our midwife wanted to attend the delivery, although she couldn't be the care provider.  But, Kai'Lani was in too much of a hurry, and our midwife missed the birth.  This labor was very hard for me.  Although it went smooth from a medical view, it was very hard for me-physically. I believe that since I was so scared of the situation that was very rapidly approaching, the birth of my 31 week old baby, I couldn't relax, and couldn't focus on getting through my labor.  I was fighting my own body, trying to stop the labor, and instead was making things worse.  My husband was great, but I believe that if I had had the extra support, I probably could have put my fears aside, if even a little bit, and went with the flow a little more. 

I have always had a very strong passion for pregnancy and childbirth.  I love every aspect of it-from conception to birth, and on to the postpartum period.  Each one is a miracle, and I love to witness and support the family, while they make this miracle happen!!  I believe that pregnancy is very natural and safe, and that every women should be informed of this.  I also believe that every family has a right to be completely informed of, along with the pros and cons of any procedures and accept or deny any procedures that are being ordered during labor.  I believe that every women can do it...with the proper knowledge, and physical and emotional support. 

I have a very stong need to nurture, and educate.  If I have helped the family have the birth they desired and deserved, then my need to nurture is met.  With all this being said...this is why I chose to become a doula!!




Kai'Lani-My five month old


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